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This proposal for a four-bedroom house in the suburbs wishes to further refine a design concept first explored in our work for the WATCHUNG project, defined by an open plan, an abundance of light, high ceilings and long unobstructed vistas.

Inspired by some of these concepts, came the desire to further challenge conventional ideas of luxury and forgo suburban cliches in favor of a more refined, paired-down approach, marked by the use of a limited palette of high-end materials and executed with extraordinary craftsmanship and construction methods.

Select pieces of furniture with long surfaces, are reduced to their purest forms and precisely constructed out of the same special wide plank solid wood used on floors. Devoid of ornament, they serve their various functions, yet remain unobtrusive when not in use.

Air ducts, electric, heating, cooling, plumbing and technology are thoughtfully hidden out of view, leaving behind long spans of wall and ceiling devoid of the usual visual clutter. A kitchen conceived to hide all appliances behind custom designed cabinetry with unique interior hinging and lighting systems, is divided into self-contained ‚”cold”, “hot” and “dry” zones. A specially designed hood is tucked behind a plaster wall, effectively rendering it “invisible”.

Pocket doors that disappear into walls, provide privacy when closed, or glide open effortlessly to transform each floor into an unusually open plan, revealing long vistas that can span the entire length of the house, often ending with floor to ceiling glass windows, strategically positioned to frame special views.

Wishing to challenge traditional notions of home living, This plan carefully reconsiders how we live today. The concept of a “formal” living or dining room is discarded in favor of public and private spaces within the home, where one can retreat to watch TV, read a book or use a computer. Traditional closets disappear and are replaced with floor-to-ceiling custom cabinetry, that become architectural elements in their own right.

Less interested in the ideas of painting every room a different color, or advertising kitchen appliance labels, this architecture is about creating a sense of calm and order within the home, and strives to elevate how we experience the daily rituals of eating, sleeping, bathing, reading, relaxing, and entertaining by creating purposefully understated interiors that are generous in volume, proportion and light. These elements join together to form a more quiet luxury.

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